A composite deck adds to the value of your house, and also adds to the happiness of your household. By using the exceptional quality materials, such as Trex, Azec, and TimberTech, Zebra Deck can ensure a deck that will stay to provide many years of fun customer enjoyment without the problem of regular maintenance.

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Composite board is a relatively new material for the construction of decks. Unlike wood, it does not require regular maintenance, so decks made of composite are often called “maintenance-free decks”.

How they are made

Composite board has a two-layer structure. Inside there are wood fibers, wood chips, or sawdust, pressed and glued together into a certain shape. The outer layer is a plastic coating of varying colours and grain. The plastic coating is made of recycled plastic materials, which means it is environment-friendly. Composite boards can be grooved for the use of special hidden fasteners.


  1. No need for staining, sealing, or painting. Composite boards are covered with a layer of durable plastic with a grain of natural shades imitating wood, so they do not require any treatment.
  2. No bug damage. Pressed wood mass mixed with glue, covered with a layer of plastic, is absolutely resistant to insect infestation.
  3. No cracking, warping or shrinking. Composite is a dimensionally stable material, it does not contain or absorb large amounts of moisture. The thick plastic coating prevents the boards from cracking and deformation.
  4. No slipping. The outer plastic coating has a wood-imitating grain. The more pronounced the grain, the less slippery the deck will be.


Maintenance of a composite deck

A composite deck is practically maintenance-free. The durable plastic coating protects the boards from rotting, formation of splinters, cracks, and deformations. Furthermore, there is no need to apply stain, seal, or paint.

For maintenance, it is recommended that you wash your composite deck from time to time with detergent, a brush, and a sponge, as well as the composition of the surface treatment that kills and prevents mold. Zebra Deck does not advise using products containing bleach, as this may cause fading of the deck surface.

For the construction of a composite deck, our company uses only materials by leading and trusted brands that provide a 20-25-year warranty on its products (for example, Trex, TimberTech, Fiberon, Veranda).

How we build a composite deck

At the initial stage, the construction of a composite deck does not differ from a wood one. The frame is made of pressure treated wood with deep galvanized hardware. Composite material is used only for planking, fascia, skirting railings, and steps.

Composite boards are fastened with tongue-and-groove fastener system. It allows you to make fasteners hidden, but it raises the price of deck up to 20%.

Exposed fasteners are a cheaper alternative to a tongue-and-groove fastener system. This specially developed type of screw has a small head, with only small holes visible on the board surface.For railings, we use composite materials or ready-made aluminum railing systems. As inserts for railings, Zebra Deck offers its customers regular composite pickets, glass panels, or cables.

The most important characteristic of the composite is its flexibility. It enables this material to be used for the construction of curved decks.