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We build decks with modern design, durable structure, long life, and affordable price.

Zebra - A Deck Builders You Can Trust

We promise well-engineered decks, stylish, elegant design, and reasonable price.

Zebra Deck is deck builders and outdoor living space construction company servicing the GTA, including Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Oakville, and Burlington. Our company brings over ten years of carpentry experience. Our quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and overall commitment to customer satisfaction make us the ultimate builders for your deck project. During the design and planning phase, we will listen to your requirements, provide ideas and suggestions, and answer all your questions. During the build-out, Zebra Deck will handle design, obtain the necessary permits, and provide all documents for homeowners, as required. We can estimate your deck, patios, gazebo, pergolas, screened porch, fence for free. We offer consultations by appointment at a mutually convenient time. As reliable deck builders, we stand behind our decks with a 5 - year structural warranty.

The Miracles of Carpentry

"We are a small carpenters team. We do all work with our own hands 
and we love what we do!“

Deck Builders Company Owner Russell Lyashenko

Zebra Deck is a small company located in Mississauga. We try to keep our expenses as low as possible. We do not have unnecessary costs for the showroom and office; we do not have sales agents; we do not have subcontractors. Most likely, I will build your deck or my business partner and helpers. This strategy allows us to keep our prices at a significantly lower level (sometimes in 1.5 - 2 times) than competitors. We are also interested in the positive results of our work because it allows us to develop our business. Zebra is deck builders who have built more than a hundred decks, from small square patio to huge multilevel composite decks. Decks with unique details - railings, stair designs, benches, planter boxes, screens, and pergolas

are our specialization. Our company combines aspects of the various designs to create the deck that's right for you. We don't just build excellent quality decks or excellent value decks; we only build excellent decks for excellent value. Zebra Deck will turn your dream deck into a real backyard structure. Established in 2007 in Toronto, our decking company has an excellent reputation for modern and exciting deck design, quality, attention to detail, and affordable prices.

Russell Lyashenko Owner

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Excellence Is In The Details

Why Our Decks Are Better

At Zebra Deck, we are committed to enhancing both the experience of living in your property and increasing the value of it. Our decks are technically perfect. They are sturdy, reliable, look stylish, and built using the best materials and up to date technologies. We always use only hand-selected wood. Also, we offer a 5 years Limited Warranty for all of our decks. This diagram shows some design features of our decks and the hardware that we use.

3D Deck Design Service

3D Deck Design Service

We visualize deck design for our customers. CAD plus rendering deck design makes it easy to understand what your beautiful deck will look like.

The Largest Selection Of Railings

The Largest Selection Of Railings

We offer the catalog with an extensive selection of deck railing systems and privacy screens for the design of beautiful, code-compliant decks.

Deck Hardware

We Use The Best Available Hardware

We always use the proper construction techniques, the best materials, deck brackets, and contemporary fasteners to make your deck safe and robust.

We Double The Life Expectancy Of Your Deck

We Double The Life Expectancy Of Your Deck

We apply the waterproof membrane to tops of joists, around posts, and over ledger boards to protect against rotting and water damage.

Why Zebra Deck?



We love our work very much and have a perfectionist look at the smallest deck elements. We never cut corners to finish a project faster. The goal is always to make the deck stronger, more precise, and more beautiful.

Happy clients

Happy clients

We do not have even a single one client dissatisfied with our work. Customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for the completion of the project. We can provide recommendations on 100% of our projects.

One Job at time

One job at a time

We refuse to work more than one job at a time. Most of the companies will lock a customer in by beginning a project and then move on to another job site before the first one is finished. We are trying to complete the project on time.



Our work style is personal customer service. We are a small company where the owner will personally control the entire building process and answer your questions. We don’t have any salesmen or subcontractors.

Creative design

Creative design

We have vast experience in implementing the most complex and incredible projects. We build modern, technically advanced, and stylish decks. Any even the most unusual design of a deck, pergola or fence is possible with Zebra.



We are a small company and can maintain prices at an affordable level. Very often, our price includes what other companies charge extra money. Customers always receive more than they expect for the money paid.


  • Deck Skirting
  • Deck Benches
  • Planter Boxes
  • Deck Lighting
  • Deck Covers
  • Privacy Screens
  • Deck Skirting

    Deck Skirting

    Deck skirting can be an attractive feature that can be added to any low level deck. We use vertical or horizontal board as well as lattice panels to build a wall around the bottom of your deck. Desks skirting not only protects space under the deck but also looks like an attractive design element.

  • Benches

    Deck Benches

    Benches are almost indispensable if a finished deck is to be useful. Besides providing seating, they can funnel foot traffic, separate areas for different activities, provide railings for low-level decks (and for high-level decks if they have backs), and serve as sunbathing lounges, tables and plant display platforms.

  • Planter Boxes

    Planter Boxes

    When you want to add decorative plants to your deck or patio, wooden or composite planter boxes are the best solution for that purpose. We can offer a large selection of planter boxes design. It is advisable to plan planter boxes before the construction of the deck begins. Planter box can be a structural component of the deck and punctuate the view from the deck.

  • Deck Lighting

    Deck Lighting

    Enjoy your deck or patio after dark with well-designed lighting. We can offer a large selection of deck lighting solutions. Lamps have various accommodation options: posts, planking, steps, handrails and even pickets. Modern LED lighting makes your structure safer and will give your deck a unique charm in the evening time.

  • Deck Covers

    Deck Covers

    Deck covers above decks are essentially patio roofs. They can be designed to filter light, provide protection from rain, or simply add to the intimacy and aesthetics of the deck. Wood, plastic, glass, and fabrics all may be used in overhead construction.

  • Privacy Screens

    Privacy Screens

    Privacy screen can add some extra style, convenience, and privacy to your backyard or patio area. Also, it provides some shelter from the wind. We build a number of different styles of windbreaks and screens for patio, deck and backyard areas. See our gallery and choice the best solution for your deck.

Zebra Deck Offers List Of Additional Services

Deck Railing Designs 3D

We also offer a massive selection of railing designs, or we can build a custom railing for you. For building railings, we use wood, composite, cables, metal pipes, glass, and aluminum pickets. No matter what style you choose, we will find a railing that matches it.

Deck Staining

If you want your deck to last for a long time and not suffer from adverse exposure, we recommend staining it. This will not only preserve the deck but also emphasize the beauty of the natural wood. We use only the best time-tested stain.

Deck Permit Services

We can offer various options for assistance in getting a deck building permit. We have three different deck permit packages that include the development of blueprints, the 3D project, and obtaining the permit in the local city hall.

Brands and Partners

We closely cooperate with the best brands to ensure high-quality service.

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