Our Process

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Convenience and positive experience of cooperation with our company is our top priority. We try to make our building process as efficient as possible. The organization of the work process is the key to the success of our company and the guarantee of obtaining a result that exceeds customer expectations.

Five simple steps


Our customers love working with us and always recommend our company to their friends. The reason is not only that you get high quality and not expensive products, but also because our cooperation process is straightforward and transparent.

Our 5-step process ensures fast completion of the project and allows us to provide the highest quality products and services.


Contact us by any of the available methods, and we will respond as quickly as possible. If you choose the online contact form, we usually respond within an hour or two. We will arrange a meeting at your home for consultation and evaluation. Typically, we agree on a time convenient for the client. The meeting will be scheduled as soon as you want.


We will call or send you an SMS an hour before the appointment to confirm that you are at home. During the free consultation, we will listen to your ideas regarding the upcoming deck project; we will help you decide how to choose the right material and give design tips using our experience. We will make all the necessary measurements and determine the difficulties that may arise during construction.


At this stage, we offer two options. You can order CAD drawings to apply them in the city hall to obtain all necessary permits or 3D visualization for a more detailed consideration of deck design. The second option is to choose from ready-made, most typical designs. At this stage, we decide which deck additions (benches, LED lighting, pergolas, privacy screens, etc.) you want to add.measurements and determine the difficulties that may arise during construction.


We will start precisely at the agreed time. By this time, all necessary materials will be ordered and delivered, the location of all underground utilities will be determined, and a builder contract will be signed. We never jump from one object to another. Having started the construction of your deck, we will try to finish it within the agreed period. After every working day, we clean the construction site. After you make the final inspection, we clean the entire backyard and take out all the garbage.

Standing behind

We are confident in our work, and your deck will delight you for many years. To ensure it we provide a 5-year warranty on our work.  On top of that, for our customers, we give a 50% discount on staining and maintenance service. You will never regret cooperation with our company and enjoy a well-designed, beautiful and inexpensive deck.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Payment System

How it works?

  • 100$ Green Light Payment: Once the contract has been signed by both customer and Zebra Decks the 100$ invoice will be issued and we can commence with the approvals process {if required} and drawing plans.
  • 30% Materials and Commencement Payment: Before materials arrive on site and we can commence work we will invoice 45% of the value of the project.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Final 70% Payment: Only after you have walked through the project with our licensed builder and you are 100% satisfied with the end result, will final payment be invoiced.

Guarntee conditions

  • All building projects undertaken by Zebra Decks are done so with a written contract and itemized project proposal. In addition, plans will be provided for all building projects except minor jobs.
  • Larger or commercial projects may be subject to a progress payment system outlined with contract terms.
  • This does not apply to deck clean or deck repair projects, which are generally 1 day engagements.

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