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Modern outdoor lighting is both functional and esthetic. It’s functional because it will give you the right kind of light when you need it for entertaining or outdoor cooking. And it’s esthetic because it will add to the beauty of your backyard by highlighting architectural elements and garden plants.
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Led Deck Lighting

Zebra Deck provides a full range of services for the development of the deck lighting: from design, equipment selection, to the quality of installation and maintenance. 

We specialize in the installation of LED lighting for wooden and composite decks. We work with wide range manufacturers of deck lighting fixtures, and equipment. We are always looking for a balance between design and cost, so our clients always receive fabulous deck lighting for the best price.


Proper lighting on decks and in backyards, in general, depends on many factors: the choice of lamps, lampshades, lamps' location and whether there is protection from moisture. The design and choice of lighting depend on the style you choose for your deck. You can find some ideas for your deck or backyard lighting in our small gallery.

  • Zebra Deck advises using LED lights on decks, as they do not heat up, have low voltage, and meet all safety requirements. Decorative LED lamps use modern, low-voltage batteries, which not only makes them absolutely safe for outdoor use but also allows them to operate in rain and even on the water. The brightness and color of each element are adjusted by remote control. You can mount LED strips on the railing or inside the stairs.
  • The stairs must have several sources of light. Lighted steps will cast shadows that distort the visible size of each step, and this can lead to injury. It's best to place lights on both sides of the stairs.
  • If you have a pergola over your deck, you can choose beautiful outdoor pendant lighting. In other cases, outdoor wall lights may be suitable – we recommend buying two and installing them on both sides of the door.
  • LED spotlights have lately become a popular solution for decks. The brightness of the lamps can be set according to your choice - from an almost imperceptible light to maximum intensity.
  • Beautiful lighting of plants and deck interior elements can be obtained thanks to halogen lamps. This white sparkling light will complement a deck built in modern style.
  • If you are looking for an unusual lighting solution, Zebra Deck recommends installing moving sensors that respond to human movement. Thus you can save power and will not have to reach for switches all the time.
  • For a free standing deck, lighting can be done using four-floor lamps placed at the corners. This lighting solution is especially suitable for decks that do not have a roof.
  • It is believed that yellow light is not visible to insects at a certain distance. We are not endorsing this information or assuring you that by following this recommendation you will get rid of mosquitoes, but why not try? Especially since yellow dim light is very pleasant for the eyes and gives the deck a cozy ambiance.


You should always observe certain safety precautions during installation or maintenance of lighting:

  1. a) Open decks will always be affected by weather conditions. To prevent damage of electrical installations by heavy rain, it is necessary to protect them against water.
  2. b) When arranging the lighting, ensure that it is completely safe for children and pets. To achieve safety, wires and construction details must be hidden and protected.

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