Zebra Deck Toronto offers a bigest collection of deck designs for any configuration of backyards.Take some time to browse through these plans to find the one that is perfect for your home and family.

Use the following deck planes that will help you select a design idea for your future deck project.
Use these principles as broad guidelines to help you achieve the goal of a satisfying and successful deck. You will notice what the location if the deck and the amenities added to it (such as benches, furniture, plants, and screens) contribute as much to the deck’s impact as the design itself.
The process of selecting a deck plan, deciding on a site, and choosing appropriate amenities should take advantage of all the unique features of your home and site, as well as family needs and aesthetic preferences.
The design principles illustrated in this catalog will help you focus on these issues.
It is possible to design a custom deck completely from scratch using these basic principles, or to adopt a plan from this catalog to suit your needs. The important thing is to be clear about how you intend to use your deck and to survey the site carefully to know what features you want to take advantage of or limitations you need to overcome. The good deck plan grows out of the existing conditions and does not feel like it is imposed on the site.

Bench railing: functionality with small deck sizes

This deck plan allows you to build a fairly elegant deck in a small space of the back- yard. The bench railing serves as a barrier and, at the same time, creates a cozy feeling and a place to sit. On such a deck, you can easily place an outdoor dining table and a barbecue grill. Benches can comfortably accommodate all family members and guests. Benches can be made more convenient and exciting by placing pillows and flower pots on them. These types of plans allow you to build both rectangular decks and 45 degrees cut corners. The design of benches can be very different from straight modern lines to the classic rustic design. For added convenience, benches may have internal storage space.

Deck plane selection principles

  • A deck plan should offer privacy and a sense of enclosure
  • Choose a deck plan with appropriate size for its intended uses and available space
  • A deck should be accessible and inviting
  • A deck should be comfortable and pleasant
  • Choose a deck plan which harmonize with future deck setting
  • A deck plan should have a special unifying design element

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