Composite boards planter boxes

Planter boxes and flower beds made from composite decking boards as a design element.

Flowers and trees are always attractive to people, especially in the city, among a large amount of asphalt, stone, and not the freshest air. Plants create a sense of urban oasis, give summer terraces, and facades a beautiful and cozy view. Therefore, increasingly, trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawns are planted in the city. On city streets where it is impossible to plant greenery, live plants in planter boxes are the best solution.

Planter boxes, for the backyards or front entrances, should be made of sustainable material that can withstand any weather conditions. Also, the planters should be made of a material that is easy to clean from dirt by land or city dust. The composite board is perfect for building planter boxes for outdoor usage. A large number of textures will allow you to choose a planter box for houses and objects in any style and color.

Where can I use the planter box from composite?

  • Patio and restaurants - plants in rectangular planters with a wood texture are perfect for separating the patio from the street.
  • Main entrances of buildings - a planter box is suitable for installation both outside and inside of buildings.
  • Backyards of houses and townhouses – planter boxes with decorative trees or flowers can be used as a hedge or just for decorative purposes.
  • Decks - from composite boards, you can create planter boxes combined with benches, steps, and railings to make your deck design more attractive.
  • Parks - due to its durability, the composite will be an excellent alternative to other materials in the landscaping design of parks, it can be used in the construction of flower beds. Composite planter boxes are lighter than metal or stone pots, which are often used in parks, and it is easier to move to another place.
  • Roofs - flower planter boxes made of the composite are perfectly combined with a composite decking, which is often used on rooftop decks. To create a modern recreation area on the roof, you can use greenery in planter boxes from the composite board, which can be stored outside all year round.
  • Temporary objects - due to the ease of assembly, the composite planters can be used for flower decoration at various events, such as street festivals, pop-up markets, exhibitions, weddings.
long composite planter box, composite planter box

What are the features of composite planter boxes?

We can use any composite boards to build planter boxes. It all depends on the chosen design. We always recommend to use a large thickness board, this will make the flower beds more durable. Such a board will make durable and beautiful planter boxes with a wood texture.

Composite planter boxes will last much longer than their wooden counterparts, since they do not fade or lose their shape, do not absorb water, and do not grow mold.

Every season a large number of flowerpots and flowerpots for plants at public and private facilities are made from composite boards. If you want to improve your deck or other objects, keep in mind that composite planters are suitable for both flowers and small plants, and even for large ones such as thuja or spruce.

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