Deck Building Process

Deck Building Process

we will determine the size of your deck, plane, materials and any other elements to give you the best idea how your deck will look.  Also, we can use printed Design Catalogs to help better understand and imagine future project.  It will be very helpful if you give us an approximate budget at this time it will help us to feet your project design to your wishes.

Bidding phase:

After our first design consultations, next stage is a preparation of your CAD deck design.  Zebra Deck Company will make 3D render of your deck to help you imagine your future backyard and help you to make sure what colors and materials you going to use for the project.  Also with these pictures, we give you the exact cost of your project.  At this time you will see the final price, the quote will not change during installation.

Our schedule does book up pretty fast so if you select Zebra Deck your deck contractor, we will ask for a $200 security deposit to reserve your spot on our working schedule.  Once your time is booked we are able to make changes and additional discussions of your deck design.

The signing of Agreement:

When we finish with your deck design and we discuss all questions regarding deck cost we will come back to your house to sign the agreement.  At this time we will determine an approximate start date, estimated finish date, we will also show you exact colors for decking, railing elements, planking, etc.  We will sign the agreement and collect the first payment.

If your deck needs a permit:

Note: Every city requires different fees for deck permits.  That the reason why we do not attach the deck permit fee in contractor agreement.  Zebra Deck will pay for your deck permit before a beginning of the installation. A usually deck permit costs around $120-$300 depending on the areas and design of the deck. The amount of money associated with deck permits will be included in your final invoice. A usually deck permit costs around $120-$300 depending on the areas and design of the deck.

Deck installation:

So we starting the most interesting part!  Our installation team includes 2 carpenters and will stay with same persons from start to finish of your project.  As long as the weather will good, we will be working on your deck from start to finish. Usually, this installation process includes hole digging, concrete work, framing, planking, steps, railings, screens, planters, and clean up the working site. However, even if the deck may look safe to stay on, please bee safe and keep off the structure until we completely finish deck installation.

Follow up:

When your deck installation has completely done we will come back to take some beautiful pictures to place your new project on our gallery and social network pages.  Also, we will provide you with papers including your final invoice, deck warranty papers, and some wood maintenance tips.

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