Backyard deck styles

Deck styles

The simplest style and easy to install will be a floating deck the best choice for a flat backyard. Usually high of this deck styles is less than 3 ft., it is not necessary to build a railing. Combine deck platforms to make deck levels down a graduate slope. Beyond the simple floating patio(deck), decks classified into the few main categories.

Wraparound deck

This design wraps two or three sides of the building. It’s the best choice when you need some areas for quiet activities and big parties all in one place. Wraparound designs also a perfect idea for areas that have a different volume of sunlight during the day. Wraparound decks are pretty universal for peoples who want to use their deck for a different needs. We can design a wraparound deck in different layouts: one level layout, multi-level deck, second-story deck.

Elevated deck

An elevated deck can be connected to the second story of your house or make an entertainment area on the sloping or unleveled backyard. The simplest version of this design is a simple single level deck supported by 4x4 or 6x6 posts. This deck can be connected to the ground by the stairs. You can choose this deck style also to take advantage of an amazing view you might not be able otherwise to see.

Multi-level deck

This deck style has platforms with different areas and shapes, is the best choice for sloping backyard. You don’t have to choose a multilevel deck on a unleveled backyard. You can build one deck on a flat area of the backyard and use it to make a logical transition to a structure on the second level of your building. Consider this style when you want a variety of deck zones for different outdoor activities....

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