Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens

Adding a privacy screen can dramatically change the environment of your deck: You can use it to block out a view you don't like, as well as to block the view onto your deck, providing a sense of privacy.

A well-placed privacy screen can mitigate the effects of a strong wind, turning your deck into a calm haven. Screens may be made of a variety of materials, either intricate or simple.

Screens used both for wind protection and privacy tend to include lattice panels or other openwork designs; the lattice breaks the wind into a number of more gentle breezes and the intricacy of the design blocks the view. If you're not concerned with blocking a view, you can choose a screen made of transparent material such as acrylic or glass panels—be sure to check your local building code regulations for any restrictions on the use of glass outdoors. A solid barrier is not the best protection against strong winds; an angled baffle at the top will provide better protection for a greater distance on the lee side of the barrier.

There are two main design possibilities for screens: a typical wood or plastic lattice screen and a screen made of transparent panels (plastic or tempered glass) in a wood or composite frame. Privacy screens must be firmly fastened to the substructure of the deck. If the screen and the deck are built at the same time, they can be designed so that the support posts of the deck are used as the posts for the screen. This requires that the deck posts extend up through the decking to the height required for the screen. 

Zebra Deck company offers a wide selection of privacy screen designs and materials.

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