Zebra deck philosophy

Zebra Deck philosophy

  • Provide a great working environment and treat each other with respect and dignity. 
  • Provide a positive impact on society. 
  • Recognize that the efficiency of work - a necessary condition for our future success.  

We are always friendly and open minded

  • We always accept calls from our customers in all stages of deck construction project(in any day and hour).
  • We do not accept hypocrisy in relationships between our Zebra Deck builders and with our customers.
  • We do not deceive yourself, our deck contractor and our customers. 
  • We do not make fake declarations and promises.

Professionalism is our basic principle

  • Deep profound knowledge of the subject (the desire to gain insight into and every detail, the unprecedented meticulousness to the smallest details of deck or fence). 
  • The highest requirements, first to our self and then to others.
  • Deep knowledge of last Toronto and deck industry trends and our customer's tests.
  • Continuous improvement of the deck building knowledge and construction techniques.
  • Never resting on our laurels.
  • Work quickly and efficiently, saving money and time for us and our client.

Zebra Deck builders Philosophy 

  • We never rest on our laurels, never fully satisfied with our work. 
  • We constantly strive to exceed customer expectations. 
  • Honest attitude to all customers, partners, employees. 
  • We do not ignore the poor quality, whatever it was manifested. 
  • Advertising and other forms of communication always correspond to reality.
  • All the promises made to customers, employees, must be met.
  • We promise only what we can really do.

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