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Zebra Deck is locally owned and operated here in Mississauga. We have been designing and installing fences, decks and outdoor structures in the Mississauga Area for more than 15 years. Please fill out contact us form to request a FREE quote from one of our courteous, knowledgeable deck professionals, or call Russell 647-449-8800 for immediate service.

Zebra is a deck building contractor serving Mississauga

Zebra Deck has been servicing homeowners in the Mississauga area for over 15 years. For a unique, one of a kind design, that boasts of excellent craftsmanship, get in touch with us today. We pride ourselves in building decks that you and your family will thoroughly enjoy for years to come. Your new deck will not only increase your home's appeal but will add to the value of your home. That new deck should be your new deck. Entertainment will become a joy as you show off that new deck with those special parties and barbecues. We offer you the expert quality that is rare to find as we put individual pride into each and every deck. Make your dream deck a reality, as you allow Zebra Deck Mississauga to go to work for you.

A word from company Owner

I once had someone in the decking business give me some advice. They said, "don't get personal with the deck. It's just a deck, not a piano." But strangely, over the years, I have taken it personally. So personally, in fact, that I strive to build every deck the same way I would build my own deck. I love showing and incorporating unique details into the design that no one else has seen, let alone even dreamed of. I also enjoy fulfilling my clients' ideas of their "Dream Deck", as well. Decks are my passion, and I think that's what separates me from the rest. Don't settle for anything less than your unique Zebra Deck!

Russell Lyashenko

Getting Started

You are probably wondering, "How do I get started?" The process is a simple one, and we would love to work with you on giving an estimate for your dream deck in Mississauga. We will want to know some information from you, such as the type of materials you wish to use, the size of the deck you are considering, whether you have children or pets, your budgetary limitations, etc. If it is a complicated request, we will want to meet with you. If it's fairly straightforward, we may be able to give you a quote directly over the phone or by e-mail.
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Zebra Deck is pleased to offer the following services:


Zebra Deck offers one of a kind decking designs that will make your home "complete" with a beautiful deck your family and friends will enjoy for years to come. We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship as well as our attention to detail. Our deck will appreciate the value of your home as well as add to the quality of your personal pleasure and enjoyment. Zebra offers pressure treated, cedar, hardwood (Ipe), and Composite Decking. Each of these "types" has its own benefits as well as its drawbacks. We will work with you to determine which is the best fit for you, based on your needs and budget.


The effective railing is an essential part of creating a beautiful deck. We work with companies to provide the best railing to enhance the beauty of your deck. Elevated decks (more than 2 feet) require railings for safety. They can be built from wood, composite, PVC, aluminum, glass or a combination of materials. Benches provide built-in seating but can also be incorporated into a design to provide barriers between spaces or at the edge of low decks. Also, we offer stainless steel cable railings and shutters style wooden screens. Please check our railing catalog for design ideas and inspirations.


Zebra Deck create custom fence designs that are vibrant, beautiful and durable. We can create custom fences for any type of application. Some of our popular custom fences are for privacy fences, picket fences, and privacy screens. Whichever type of fencing you need, Zebra is the number one Mississauga fence company to call. We can dream up a number of custom fences for your yard or business. The look of custom fencing is one that never goes out of style. Let your personality shine with custom fences that are unique and exciting.

So how do I get started? What is the process?

The process of creating a deck with Zebra Deck is a simple one. When you contact us, by e-mail or phone, here is some of the information we will be collecting:

  • Your name and where you may be contacted.
  • What you are looking to do with your deck? We want to know what your dreams are!
  • Do you have an existing deck?
  • Do you know the measurement of the deck that you desire?
  • How high do you want your deck? How many stairs?
  • Do you know what material you want to use? If not, we can help you. We encourage you to visit our Decking page for more information on different types of decking.
  • What color of deck do you want?
  • What is your budget limit?
  • Do you have children?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Are you willing to do some maintenance on your deck, or do you desire a more maintenance free deck?
  • Do you have any other bids? We may not necessarily be the least expensive, but we certainly will be the most when it comes to quality. We will strive to provide you with the best quality deck we can give you at a reasonable price that reflects the craftsmanship you are obtaining.

After asking these types of questions, we will want to set up a meeting, particularly if your request is complicated. If the request is straightforward, we can give an estimate/quote by e-mail or phone.

Zebra Deck wants to build the dream deck for your lifestyle, situation, and budget. Our goal is to make the process simple, but one that thoroughly takes into consideration your needs. At the end of the process, we want your deck to be the one that crafts your dreams into reality!


At Zebra Deck, we recognize that Decking can be very confusing, particularly when you are trying to decide what materials to use for your deck project. To aid you in this process, here is a brief description of different materials that can be used for your "dream deck" - including both the benefits as well as drawbacks of each. If you have any questions about Decking that aren't answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us! We want to help you make the best choice - for your lifestyle and budget - so you truly have a "Unique Zebra Deck!"

pressure treated deck in Mississauga

Pressure Treated

Pressure Treated Wood is the least expensive decking available. It is a sturdy material and termites do not prefer it, which is an added benefit. However, it takes the most maintenance of all the woods as it needs staining and power washing at least once every 2 years. It also splinters easier--so if you have children and don't want a lot of maintenance it would not be the best choice.

  • Pricing: Least Expensive
  • Benefits: Low Cost; Insects don't prefer it
  • Drawbacks: Splinters easier; Maintenance is high.
Cedar deck in Mississauga


Cedar is a beautiful golden wood! It looks beautiful after staining. Cedar has to be power washed and stained every few years to keep its luster. It is a soft wood, so you must remember if you have pets that might scratch the wood it may not be your best choice. However, for certain homes, Cedar is an excellent choice. The investment is about 20% more than Treated Wood.

  • Pricing: About 50% more than PT
  • Benefits: Lighter maintenance, beautiful, softwood, very visually appealing.
  • Drawbacks: Scratches easier, so potentially not good for pets.
Hardwood deck in Mississauga

Hardwood (Ipe)

Ipe is the trademark of the top quality premium hardwood decking line, which is manufactured from all clear heart premium grade selection of Brazilian Walnut (Lapacho). Produced from genuine hardwood, Ipe offers the homeowner a 20-year warranty against rot and decay. It doesn't scratch like Cedar and has a beautiful warmth to it. With the 20-year warranty many people choose to go with Ipe.

  • Pricing: About 50% more than Cedar
  • Benefits: 20-year warranty. Top quality decking line.
  • Drawbacks: Somewhat more expensive...
Composite deck Trex


Composite is a wood and plastic combination. Composite is probably the fastest growing material for decking. There is never a need to stain this kind of decking. The only maintenance needed is a good spray of the garden hose, or for an extremely dirty deck a power wash. This will keep your deck looking great with not much effort. Composite is for people that choose to enjoy their deck and not worry about working on it too much!

  • Pricing: About 40% more than Cedar
  • Benefits: Light maintenance, only needs spraying.
  • Drawbacks: Somewhat more expensive.


At Zebra Deck, we recognize the most primary concern many Mississauga customers have is want a wonderful deck, but one that fits within your budget. At Zebra Deck we will discuss the different options with you that fit your individual needs. The first thing we encourage you to do is consult our Decking page to learn more about the different types of Decking, including the benefits and drawbacks.

 Other factors playing a role in determining the price of a deck include:

  • Height of Deck
  • Size of Deck (square footage)
  • Complexity of project
  • Material cost
  • Type of baluster you choose (our catalog is a good place to look)
  • Number of stairs you need
  • Number of railings

This essential list may give you some guidance as you decide which course is best to choose when deciding on your dream deck. Of course, it is our job to come up with a plan that takes these all into consideration. And of course, each deck is unique unto itself, so pricing really depends on your dream deck. We strive to work with each of our customers and listen to your needs so we fulfill your dream deck as you see it! We encourage you to contact us to discuss your dream further!

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