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Zebra Deck use only the the best range of Ipe and other species of hardwood. In addition to Ipe' we build decks from cumaru, garapa, jatoba, massaranduba and tigerwood lumber that comes directly from mills in South America.

Mississauga's Reliable Ipe Deck Builder

Ipe is world renown as the premium natural material for decking. It is hard, dense, and resistant to the ravages of the elements such as rot, UV degradation, and insect pests. Ipe Decking installations by Zebra Deck have a beautiful contemporary design and proved a high level of quality.

Ipe is also one of the most beautiful natural materials available. Its fine grain and rich color enhance any design. Ipe is a hardwood tree of the genus Tabebuia. Some common ways this hardwood is referenced when misspelled is epay , epi, ipea, epee, or eepay. It is actually pronounced "ee-pay". We purchase our Ipe from South America, encouraging responsible, sustainable, and renewable forestry practices.

Zebra Deck has been building high-quality Ipe (hardwood) decks for over 12 years and has a well-earned reputation for excellent customer service. Our sources only through reputable suppliers which must adhere to local, provincial, and federal regulations as it relates to sustainable forest management set forth by International Tropical Timber Organization to meet Zebra approved supplier status.

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Why Ipe Decks?

L shaped ipe deck with steps


Tropical hardwoods are the top of the line selection for decking material. These types of wood are extremely dense and highly durable, have a rich colour and perfect ability to withstand rot, deformation, and damage by insects. This makes tropical hardwood varieties close to ideal for the construction of decks in the Toronto area, considering the local climate.

The most common varieties of tropical hardwoods used in the Toronto area are: Ipe, Cumaru, Tigerwood, and Garapa decking. According to the Janka Hardness Test, Ipe is up to 9 times harder than its decking alternatives like cedar, redwood, and pressure treated pine.


Most tropical hardwood varieties are grown in South America. These types of wood are produced using sustainable technology so it does not harm the environmental balance of the planet. The production of Ipe hardwood and other varieties is also environmentally friendly as it does not use any chemical treatment methods.


Ipe and other hardwood varieties are perhaps the most beautiful and rich-looking among all the materials used for constructing decks. The boards are long, perfectly shaped, and have no knots, cracks, or other defects. Over time, they are not subject to shrinking, splintering, twisting, cupping, or checking. For many years they will remain almost the same as on the day they were installed.


Lately, hardwood has attracted the attention of designers, builders, and architects in Toronto. It is a very rich and modern-looking material that adds great value to your property and endures Toronto winters. One disadvantage of this material is its cost. It is usually 50-60% more expensive than cedar. This price is partially offset by the fact that a hardwood deck has a lower maintenance cost; it's unlikely that you will have to repair it. It also significantly increases the property price and helps your house sell faster if you decide to sell.


Hardwood is the most difficult material to work with in deck construction. Installing Ipe requires a lot of experience and special skills or tools. Boards can't be nailed or simply fastened with screws. For fixing, hardware specially designed for hardwood (Ipe clips and grooved Ipe boards) is used. Work with Ipe takes much more time than other materials. Also, due to the high cost of the material, a detailed 3D design and accuracy in work is required.


Compared with low maintenance materials hardwood has one drawback. Ipe needs to be oiled every year or two, but oiling is much easier to do than applying a stain or sealer. Currently, the market offers a huge selection of hardwood deck maintenance products that can significantly extend the life of your deck and reveal the full beauty of this material.


We mainly use hardwood for building decks. In deck construction this wood is used for planking, railing, skirting, and stairs. It is also used to make privacy screens, planter boxes, benches, and other decorative elements of the deck. Despite some shortcomings, Ipe decks have great advantages. It's extremely attractive appearance and excellent resistance to weathering and wear and tear make this material an excellent choice for the construction of decks.

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