Wooden Fences

Pressure Treated | Cedar

Zebra Deck custom designed and installed pressure treated or cedar fences will add natural beauty, safety, and security to your home at very affordable prices. Whether you prefer a traditional, classic, contemporary, semi-private, or private fence, we will custom build the perfect fence to accommodate your needs and budget.

Why Install a Wooden privacy fence?

Wood fences do more than keep the prying eyes of your backyard, but this is the reason most people install them. If you are considering installing one, consider these fences benefits. Privacy creates a solid or nearly solid wall around your garden that will help deflect the sound. If you live in a busy and noisy street, a Wooden privacy fence provides a degree of calm the uproar.

Brown Pressure Treated

Please understand we are not talking about cheap fences that are built with inferior lumber, poor building practices, and contractors that just simply deceive you and cut corners when you're not looking. Pressure Treated Wood is used in the split rail fence to enhance its durability and strength, and prevent premature wear and tear. Pressure Treated Wood is the wood that is treated with preservatives that protect the wood from insect attacks, fungal growth, and wood rot.

Cedar Fences

Cedar is a fantastic wood to build with because it is naturally resistant to wood rot and insect infestation. It does not need chemical treatment to be a viable wood to be used in the outdoors. Cedar Privacy Fences last longer and also look better longer than other types of privacy fences commonly used in the Toronto and Mississauga area. We have found cedar wood fences in Port Neches, Groves, Nederland, and other areas in the area that have remained rot free for over 15 years and are still in good condition.

Fence Structure

Wood fences come in two common materials pressure treated (brown color) and cedar (reddish brown colour).

Pressure treated lumber is chemically impregnated with preservatives to prevent decay and insect attack. The brown colour of pressure treated wood is due to the copper content of the chemical preservatives used. Cedar is a naturally durable wood species due to high levels of extractives in the wood. To maintain the vibrant colour of cedar yearly coating of a semitransparent stain is recommended. If left uncoated UV degradation will grey cedar, this effect also occurs in pressure treated wood however at a slower rate. Wood fences can be built using 4 inches by 4-inch posts (shown above) or larger 6 inches by 6-inch posts. The larger posts provide additional support, as well as add additional life to the fence. If you choose to build with 4x4 posts we recommend upgrading gate posts to 6x6's to provide trouble-free use for the life of the fence. Fence panels can be constructed in a variety of ways to provide semi-privacy or full privacy. Additionally, the fence can be built to have one 'nice' side or two 'nice' sides depending on the application. Top details of a fence may include lattice, curves or a flat 2x4 cap. A wood fence can also be built to any height however most municipalities have restrictions, in Toronto and Mississauga the maximum height is 6'6". Almost every wooden fence is built on a framework of upright posts and connecting horizontal rails, or stringers. This simple skeleton can carry a range of fence designs that will meet practically any need.

What Makes A Quality Fence

  • Quality Wood
  • No Less Than 3 Horizontal Rails on a 6-foot Privacy Fence
  • Galvanized Ring Shank Nails or Screws where used
  • All post are well drained and concreted into the ground
  • Proper Bracing
  • Larger Post at the Corners, Gates, and Mid-Span on Long Runs

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fence do I need?
First you need to decide on function. Do you require privacy, or safety around a pool, retain pets or prevent access to your property? You should consider aesthetics, durability, and location. Approximate budget and time of installation are additional considerations. Fences are available in many styles and different materials. We are pleased to discuss your needs, and explain the advantages of various sorts of wood.
Do I need to check my local building codes?
Since building codes vary by city and subdivision it's a good idea to check with your local building department regarding codes, setbacks, heights, and materials. In almost any case we can answer these questions for you.
What kind of fence materials do you use?
We offer brown pressure treated wood, red cedar, some sorts of pine. We also install a large inventory of garden and agricultural fencing decoration products.
What is pressure treated wood?
Pressure treated wood has been chemically treated to discourage insect and moisture damage. We use this material in posts and also in fences.
If I wish to install the fence myself, can I buy just the materials from you?
Certainly. We encourage do-it-yourself customer. Our staff can assist you in determining your needs and are happy to answer your questions about installation.
Why should I choose Zebra Deck to be my fence contractor?
We have been building fences since 2007. We offer expert installation and the highest quality products available. We are fully insured and are members of the American Fence Association.
What kind of warranty do you offer?
The warranty will depend on the type of materials you choose for your fence. This can vary from a 5 years warranty on pressure treated wood and up to 15 years for a tropical wood fence. We offer a limited warranty on labor for two years.

Pressure Treatment of Wood

Pressure treatment makes the wood suitable for long term use under harsh weather conditions. Pressure treating the woods involves a liquid preservative forced into the wood in order to protect it against the insect attack and wood rot. Chromated Copper Arsenate and Pentachlorophenol are the most commonly used preservatives. The wood is placed in a container filled with the preservative solution and as the pressure in the container rises, the preservative is forced into the wood, and the excess preservative is drained from the wood and recycled. These days, the wood used for residential and general consumer construction is treated with Alkaline Copper, Copper Azole, Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate.

Types of Wood that can be Pressure Treated

Logs used for the commercial purpose have different layers. Primary among them are heartwood and sapwood. Heartwood provides the structural strength to the living tree and the sapwood transports the sap from the base of the tree up to the leaves. Sapwood absorbs the preservatives easily than heartwood. So the most commonly used wood species for pressure treating are the ones having a higher percentage of sapwood, like Southern Pine. Other species such as Douglas Fir have more heartwood and have to be modified for the forcing and retaining adequate preservative. Incising (perforating the wood with small slits) may also be utilized to increase the penetration of preservative in heartwood species.

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