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The Zebra Deck has built a reputation being one of the most trusted pergola builders in Mississauga area, by always providing 110% with our craftsmanship and customer service. Please let us know what we can do to help you get started transforming your yard into your dream vacation spot.


Custom Pergolas | Hand-Made by Skilled Craftsmen

We specialize in the construction of custom design wooden pergolas in Mississauga that harmoniously fit into the style and size of your home and meet your requirements in terms of functionality. A pergola is an outdoor wooden or composite structure, consisting of posts that support a roofing frame with beams and rafters. As a rule, it is made of various types of wood (e.g., pressure treated pine, cedar, or hardwood), but in recent years alternative materials (aluminum, composite) have been gaining popularity. There are a lot of stylistic variations in the appearance and parameters of the pergola installation. It can be freestanding or attached to the house or connected to the deck. The unusual design features most often manifest in the roof - it can be made of ordinary wooden rafters, giving shade, or have plastic (or cloth) cover to protect from rain.

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Trust Zebra Deck for High Quality Pergola Construction and Design

Our expertise in design and our attention to detail will provide you with the pergola you have always wanted.

We can help you in choosing the right pergola for you

Looking for a beautiful pergola that will suit your personal taste? We can design and build a pergola to suit both your taste and your needs. We offer endless design solutions to help you get more from your outdoor life. We can build anything from a small, cozy pergola with wrap-around benches and planters to a large, multi-column, custom designed structure. 

We use 3D CAD Software to design our pergolas

Zebra Deck has a massive selection of pergola designs, but it is even more gratifying for us to implement the ideas of our customers! When preparing the project, we use advanced 3D software, which allows you to customize the design of your pergola to match the features of your backyard and house. Our customers are able to see the entire project in 3D and make the necessary adjustments.

Wood as the best choice in the construction of pergola.

Pergola made of wood delivers an unparalleled beauty as compared to artificial materials. It has a glow and patina that exudes a unique look in your garden. Depending on the choice of wood you use and how you take care of it, the wooden pergola will last for many years.


The best choice in building pergolas is cedar due to its sturdiness and contains natural tannins that help it look good after a long period of time. If it is properly maintained, cedar is resistant to decay, termites, and fungi.

Treated Wood

Alternatively, pressure treated wood can also be used in constructing pergolas. PT wood has unmatched natural beauty and is resistant to insects and decay. Maintenance of your treated pergola can easily be achieved by using durable finishes.


Ipe can also be used in building pergolas. The Ipe tree resin has oil that makes it resistant to water and bacteria. Though it is easier to cut and form it into your desired shape as compared to other types of wood, it is very durable and has a very pleasing appearance.

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Pergola tail patterns | End cuts

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Why you need a pergola?

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  • It gives a unique look to your home and dramatically improves its appearance. First of all, it's a decorative element of your backyard. It enhances the livability of your home and increases its value.
  • Enhancing privacy and comfort. If your home is located in an area where houses stand close to each other, your backyard pergola can give you more privacy and a feeling of cozy intimacy.
  • Pergola is perfect as hanging-plants support. It may support a variety of creeping plants (e.g., flowering vines and grapes). Imagine those beautiful flowers hanging above your head… isn't it wonderful?!
  • Apart from providing support to vine plants or climbing plants, pergolas may also support the different hanging plants. On the other hand, it may also serve as a structure for hanging baskets that has flowering plants in it.
  • Pergola does not only support plants. It can also work as a support to other decorations that you want to add to your garden. Decorations like wind-powered mobiles, metal-stars, pinwheels, sundials, or decorative thermometers. You may also apply colors or other designs to your pergola to make it more appealing.
  • It creates a shaded area for hot tubs, pools, outdoor kitchens, or patios.
  • It's a convenient base for elements of outdoor lighting or ceiling fans.
  • Any pergola or arbor structure that is composed of two sides and extending down to the ground could be used to hold up a bench. You need to add pieces of wood in order to make a bench seat so that you will have a cozy place where you can spend most of your time.
  • Pergolas may be designed in various ways, according to your personal taste and needs. For instance, if you want to make use of shade on a particular area, you may use a material that could cover the top part of your pergola.
    These small pergolas are normally used in landscape designs or smaller gardens. They are perfect for adding an extra appeal to the entry or exit path. You may also use this small pergola to mark the entrance to your back yard or side yard if there is any.
  • The small pergola structure is typically designed with what we call "latticed sides," thereby making it easier for climbing plants to grow beautifully.

Remember that there is no limit in designing your pergolas. Just make sure that the design is adequate to reflect your own personality or taste. Make sure as well, that you do not sacrifice your own convenience when choosing a design. Just put on a little effort and invest a little time when building your pergola and the result will be worth all the expenses and efforts.

During the construction of a pergola, we comply with all the requirements of national building codes. Zebra Deck pergola projects are characterized not only by the beauty of their structure but also by their durability, usability, and the strength to withstand high winds and snowfalls.

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