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Zebra Decks provide an extensive range of arbor construction services to residents and businesses throughout Toronto and Mississauga area. At Zebra Deck - we pride ourselves on delivering a quality arbors and other garden structures at an affordable price to all potential new clients.

Arbor builders

The Arbors built by Zebra Deck can be customized to any taste or budget.  When we build arbors, it is important for us that you get the exact design you want which is why we want you involved in the design process.  We guarantee the construction of your new arbor project will remain on-time and on-budget.  We are able to build truly unique arbors in various design configurations.

Arbors or garden overheads can be used to great design effect in a backyard. They can be as simple as two wooden posts and crossbeam with rafters or elaborate multilevel advanced design. Arbors can establish a sitting area or patio space, extend the roofline of a house or garage, or mark way stations on a path through the garden. The amount of shelter they provide depends upon the spacing of rafters and the density of the plants that ramble across them. However, they are used, remember that arbor overheads create a ceiling, so the height of the posts supporting the overhead is critical - too short, and the space can feel claustrophobic, too tall, and their power to establish proportion is lost.

Arbors come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used for a variety of reasons. Shade arbors are often built over an entire deck or just a portion of the deck and provide extra shade from the sun. Shade arbors generally use closely spaced “rafters” to block sunlight, and may use even more closely spaced slats atop the rafters for extra shade. Alternatively, many homeowners choose to grow climbing or flowering vines on the arbor for extra shade. Shade arbors help a deck to be more comfortable in sunny or hot areas.

Decorative arbors can also provide shade, but are primarily constructed to add interest and dimension to an otherwise boring deck. They can be constructed in a variety of designs and styles.

Zebra Deck can also undertake the complete installation of your chosen arbors for you. You are not limited to our designs, we can custom design and manufacture arbor just for you.

  • Pre-engineered designs available

  • High quality, hand selected wood used

  • CAD design and 3D visualization available

  • A complete range of colors, finishes and styles

If you are looking for a customer focused arbor builder in Toronto and Mississauga to assist you, is just a call us for fast quote.

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