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Zebra Deck use only the the best range of aluminum and wooden types of railing. Aluminum railing system is perfectly suited for Decks, Balconies, Porches, Units, Ramps & Walkways. Also, we have aluminum railings for commercial projects.

Deck Railing Design


Not all decks need railings, but if they do, the railing should be planned at the same time as the rest of the deck. For one thing, its design could influence the deck's basic structure, such as the location of posts or size of rim joists. The railing will also have a strong impact on the deck's appearance, and the two should be planned together to ensure harmony and unity of design.

Your first consideration should be the aesthetic character of the house and landscape. Is it formal? Does it accentuate horizontal or vertical lines? Are angles prominent? Is there an abundance of delicate and rich detailing? Such questions will help you determine which railing designs may fit better than others. If you are not sure, stay with simple and basic designs.

At the same time that you consider aesthetics, you should also be aware of the railing's functional requirements. Must views be preserved? Is the wind a factor? Will you want to set food and drinks on top of the railing? Is privacy needed? Will low flower pots or small objects be placed next to the railing, objects that could slide under a railing that is too high off the deck?

By the time you have answered these questions, the railing will almost have designed itself. Your final task is to evaluate pictures and actual railings for ideas that could satisfy your design criteria.

This classification is intended to show the construction details for a variety of simple railing designs. They can be adapted to any post arrangement. The method for fastening members together is not specified since many options are possible. In most cases, metal framing connectors or toe nailing using predrilled holes will join boards together when they cannot be face-nailed.


wooden railings


This kind of railing usually contains several horizontal rails and vertical pickets. There are also versions with the horizontal direction of rails. The Wooden railing is an inexpensive and flexible option for your deck. Due to the fact that this type of railing is composed entirely of wooden elements, there are a massive amount of possible design options.


This type of railing usually contains several horizontal wooden rails, wooden posts, and vertical metal pickets. Vertical pickets have different designs and are made of aluminum or iron. Design variations of this kind of railings are limited by the pickets styles available on the market.
metal pickets
pipes railing


Not a very common type of railing because of the construction complexity. These railings contain wooden posts and anodized horizontal pipes of different diameters. It may also include extra decorative elements. Horizontal tubes can be either black or silver color.


This kind of the railing is made up of vertical posts and horizontal stainless steel cables. Posts can be made of wood, plastic or aluminum (composite). Cable railing has a modern style and does not obstruct the view. We usually use the regular hardware available in the market. Cable systems made specifically for decks available for order and are several times more expensive.
cable railing
aluminum railing


This type contains vertical posts, horizontal rails, and vertical pickets All railings are made entirely from aluminum and painted in different colors. The aluminum railing is one of the most expensive railings on the market. The advantage of the aluminum railing: it is the maintenance free and has a clean elegant appearance.


Usually contain aluminum, plastic or wooden frame and glass panels in different sizes. Glass panels may be clear or tinted. The advantage of glass railing: doesn't need to be painted every year and the fact that cables do not obstruct a view. This is the most expensive type of railing.
glass panels railing
glass strips railing


These railings are a variation of glass panel railing but contain glass sticks of equal width. Glass sticks can be inserted into aluminum or wooden frame. The inserts usually have a dark brown tint. Glass railings made of tempered glass to be safe when is broken. These railings have the same price with a glass railing.

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